Toothy is Atomicals first 10K minted NFT.
No unfair mints, no scientists, and no project team reserves.
Like all holders, we are just one of the common builders.
We believe sharing is the driving force of innovation.
Toothy's holders will possess the commercial rights to Toothy, allowing you to use your Toothy for any beneficial purpose.

Toothy has been in the making for a long time
and during this wonderful journey, Toothy has drawn inspiration from numerous classic movies, animations,and games worldwide.
He is an embodiment of our lives, and we believe you can find your favorite piece of Toothy chocolate.

SparkScaleToday in the name of freedom, wage battle against them!

Gator Monkey KingThere's really no Great Sage Equaling Heaven,
just a little monkey who loves to dream.

Force fighterMay the force be with you.

Monster gatorThe sweet scent of science.

Soulsworn GatorPeople hold onto hope
because they cannot see death.

Sun knightPraise the Sun.

Stellagator*mechanical noise.

SobekWe will bring back what has long been lost to the light of day.

Croc Pixelcrafterin EthslandI am candy, I am a square, I am a building block, and I am also a stone.

Crocofthe Seven SeasEverything is full of uncertainty, and that's the pirate's life I want.


The Toothy team doesn't have a roadmap
Toothy will be updated together with Atomicals on key technical function updates, such as Realm.